About Us

Our Story

Passion for all things to do with Planners, is the main catalyst behind the creation of THE SASA FACTORY. Our Journey started, when the search for specialised planners turned unfruitful in India.

What you would find at THE SASA FACTORY, are the finest quality products made in India that help you set, track and achieve your goals. Our specially designed undated set of planners and schedulers help you organise your life and tap the potential in you.

Also, available as accessories are some beautifully designed Notepads to track and note all things Important to you every day.

Whether it is to track your schedules, set goals, manage expenses and realize your potential, we help you bring your world on paper and at your door step.

Our planners will travel with you and be part of your future journey.



We strive to offer a wide range of spectacular planners to organise your goals and guide you to achieve personal success.


Make finest quality products in and for INDIA